Asteroid The Size of A Building Will Approach Earth Next Week

Another asteroid the size of a building is approaching Earth fast, and it will reach its closest point next week. The space rock was named as 2020 QL2, and it…

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A Small Asteroid Passed By Earth At A Very Close Distance

A small asteroid with the size of a car has reached a new milestone as it passed by Earth at a minimum distance of 1,830 miles, coming to the closes…

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moon mining

Trump Administration Sets Rules for Asteroid and Moon Mining

The administration of US President Donald Trump has announced that a plan to mine for resources on the Moon is in the works. The administration has issued an Executive Order,…

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asteroid or2

Asteroid OR2 Looks Like Wearing A Face Mask In Recently Released Images

Recently an odd-shaped asteroid was spotted by the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. The space object, dubbed 1998 OR2, appears to ‘wear a face mask.’ The picture of the ‘masked’…

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The Twist of Fate of the Oldest Asteroid Found by Scientists

Science has reached a new age — One in which disastrous events in Earth’s existence might have been not just that. But also, the fortunate tricks that the Universe let…

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