Taboo Season 2 Leaks – Upcoming 2020 Release

The second season of Taboo is expected to be released in no time. The famous BBC series is directed by Kristoffer Nyholm Anders Engstrom, and it was first released back in 2017. The storyline is the creation of Chips and Tom Hardy. The first season was displayed for the first time back in January 2017, and it features eight episodes.

Ever since its appearance, Taboo was highly appreciated by the large public. Unfortunately, more than three years have gone by, and there is no information regarding a future continuation of the great plot. Bearing in mind the ongoing pandemic, there is no knowing about what the future holds in store for Taboo 2. Unfortunately, there is no rumor to confirm an upcoming 2020 release, and no other leaks are suggesting that the developing team is considering a future approach.

The leading character of Taboo is James, a man that is living in a “taboo” society. James, whose story is going to be the primary objective of the possible second season, has a tattoo on his body. The climax of the action is represented by the fact that he has no idea of how the tattoo got there. Therefore, the second season might focus on displaying the actual identity of James, as well as a series of additional information and revelations in the American society.

In addition to this, Hardy will likely join James’ journey towards self-discovery throughout the second season, even though no official declaration is confirming this rumor. Other actors will probably join the Taboo journey, such as Delaney, Robert Thoyt, Atticus, Brace, Michael Godfrey, Solomon Coop, or Prince Regent.

The last episode of the first season showed James, who was living allies sailing for America. The author explained that the producers are looking forward to developing a second season; this is why the final minutes left the plot hanging.

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