Subway Surfers Update 2.2.0 Takes Players To Zurich

There are lots of games on the Google Play Store, but few are as iconic as Subway Surfers. The game was one of the first titles released when smartphones started to become popular among users

For many mobile gamers, the endless runner genre remains a popular choice for short bursts of fun. A large number of endless runner games were released in the past, but Subway Surfers offers an enjoyable gameplay experience that is popular among users of all ages. It is easy to pick up and hard to master, and hours can be spent while trying to reach a new high score.

Playing the game

Press the start button, and a new run will start almost instantly as your character will be shown while he or she is working on a graffiti. A guard will appear and spot the player in the middle of the act, and the run will begin.  The player can use their fingers to swipe left, right, up and down to avoid incoming obstacles and collect coins. Hitting an obstacle or a train will result in a game over screen as the guard will catch you. However, a key can be used to continue the run, but the cost will rise after each fail.

Filled with features

There are lots of helpful power-ups spread across the run, including super sneakers, a magnet that attracts all the coins which are visible on the screen, power jumpers, score multipliers, and mystery boxes. The power-ups are quite handy, so try to get them when they appear.

Players can engage in Daily and Weekly Hunts and earn rewards and missions. Several characters can be unlocked by various means, and each has a signature trait that favors some playstyles.

The 2.2.0 update will take players to Zurich. Unlock Hugo, a new character, and get Hugo’s Pirate Outfit and the Clockwork board.


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