Stress and Pain Are Responsible for White Hair

Losing hair color is perceived as a sign of getting old. But it is known that emotional shocks can cause partial and even total change of hair color, even in young people. They can become white after a significant sudden loss.

Scientists are getting close to breaking this mystery. They discovered the protein involved in causing damage from stress. CDK – cyclin-dependent kinase, by its name. They made studies on mice, by inducing intense stress to them, and discovered that the stem cells controlling skin and hair color were irreversibly damaged.

What is interesting to know is that stress to mice means pain. So, the mice turned white under intense pain. We people don’t perceive stress as pain. But stress is pain. Psychological pain and Psyche was the goddess of the soul. So, stress is the pain of the soul.

Stress and Pain Are Responsible for White Hair

Pain makes the body produce adrenaline and cortisol, and those make the heart beat faster, and the blood pressure to rise. This affects the nervous system, and this is the process we call stress. Stress causes the natural process of depletion of stem cells responsible for producing melanin to accelerate.

Melanin is responsible for the color of hair and skin. The researchers discovered that when CDK was suppressed, the color of mice fur stopped turning to white. Also, that anti-hypertensive treatment given to mice stopped the losing hair color process.

So, it’s not just genes and age that make our hair get grey. It’s like in the biblical myth of Samson and Delilah: the loss of power is miraculously connected with our hair. Until this discovery leads to the drug that stops the hair from becoming colorless, we can work in finding ways to protect our soul from getting hurt.

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