Starlink Delay Forces SpaceX To Alter Rocket Launch Schedule

SpaceX has decided to delay the launch of a new batch of Starlink satellites to facilitate pre-launch checkouts. The company has already altered the rocket launch schedule, and a US military satellite will start its journey towards the orbit soon.

The launch of the GPS III SVO03 mission will be the last rocket launch of June, removing the possibility to achieve a four launches month for now. However, there are many customers interested in the services provided by SpaceX, and four launches have already been scheduled for July.

Prioritizing what matters

The willingness to delay an internal launch by such a major amount of time proves that SpaceX is focused on following established and reliable procedures instead of rushing to get the job done. A Falcon 9 failure has the potential to wreak havoc across all launches of the company, and ensuring the success of every ob Is a must.

It is worth pointing out that the company did not share any official statements related to the delay. After the delay was announced, fresh regulatory fillings inferred that June 28 should have been the next target, but they were rescinded quickly.

Military favors

Some voices speculate that the US military may have asked SpaceX to swap the launch schedules, a move that may prove to be beneficial for SpaceX in the long run. The current event will mark the first operational launch and landing for the US Air and Space Force after the military approved the attempt to land the B1060 booster.

The previous launch carried 58 Starlink satellites as well as three observation satellite into the orbit, and it was the first mission that launched without the use of pre-launch tests, but it seems that the strategy has been changed. More news related to the Starlink launches and overall project could be announced in the future.

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