Star Wars: Squadrons Will Be Released Sooner Than Expected

Fans of Star Wars video games were surprised when a leak surfaced briefly on the Xbox website.  A listing featured an image that asked for pilots and a greyed-out pre-order button. While Xbox employees scrambled to delete the entry, it was already too late as the leak made its way on the internet.

In the wake of the event, a storm of rumors surfaced as people debated the potential content of the game. Based on the image, which features a Rebel and an Imperial pilot, it was thought that the game could offer a single-player experience with two different campaigns.

A multiplayer experience

After a few days of waiting, Electronic Arts confirmed that the game is real. Revealed under the name of Star Wars: Squadrons, the title will offer players the chance to pilot combat ships. A single-player campaign will be present, and players will have the option to join squadrons and compete in 5v5 multiplayer battles.

The game will take place after the event of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, and it will feature several ships designed to fit a variety of playstyles. In the free time between battles, players will have the opportunity to upgrade weapons, engines, shields, and much more.

Not so far away

Cosmetic items will also be offered, but EA has stated that everything can be unlocked by playing the game, and there will be no loot boxes or microtransactions, which were a major source of grief in the case of two Battlefront games released a few years ago.

The title is being developed by EA Motive, and it was rumored that the studio had been working on Star Wars game known under the codename of Project Maverick. According to the official announcement offered by EA, the game will be released on October 2 on Origin, Steam and the Epic Games. Crossplay between the PC, Xbox One and PS4 will allow people to play together.

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