Sources Clash Over The Port Used by iPhone 12

Apple’s next range of iPhone devices is anticipaited by millions of people from all over the world, with both fans and prospective customers looking forward to seeing the latest changes.

Of course, Apple has strived to keep most details a secret as it plans to impress people when they reveal event will take place. These leaves users and sources plenty of space to speculate about some of the possible features that will make an appearance. There is a particular topic that has sparked heated debates across several technology forums and discussion platforms.

Wired or wireless?

Apple has been one of the first companies that dropped the iconic 3.5mm headphone jack in favor of pushing wireless audio accessories. One may argue that the primary interest was the need to push its AirPods range as one of the alternatives which can be used to listen to music, but the decision was hated at first and accepted over time.

It seems that the charging port is next on the list for the chopping block, as some sources argue that wireless charging is the next milestone in the evolution of iPhones. Despite the potential advantages of removing all the ports, including improved waterproofing, wireless charging is still perceived by many as a gimmicky feature that is less efficient.

Lighning or USB Type-C?                    

Recent reports suggest that Apple has decided to keep a wired port for another year, but the type of the port remains elusive.

At the start of the year, many voices have stated that Apple will make the jump to the popular USB Type-C standard, a move that would be a great boon for users as it would expand the list of compatible accessories by an impressive number.

However, a popular leaker has stated recently that the Lightning port will offer one last year of fateful service before port-less iPhones will come in 2021I

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