Sony and Microsoft remain keen on keeping the price of the upcoming consoles a secret

Sony and Microsoft have shared a lot of interesting details about the next generation of consoles, ranging from some of the components that can be found under the hood to gameplay reveals and benchmarks. However, one significant details continue to remain elusive.

Both companies have avoided the reveal of a price, as it seems that they are waiting for the rival to make the first announcement, and then swoon in with their own offer.

Conflicting information

Some sources argue that Sony wants to wait for Microsoft to announce the price of the Xbox Series X so that it can aply the same strategy which worked for the PS4, which was priced at $400 while the Xbox one carried a price tag of $500.

Other voices argue that the high-performance SSD solution found inside the PS5 has pushed manufacturing costs at or above $450, and Microsft awaits in the shadow for an announcement it can apply the same tactic and replace Sony as the undercutter. Representatives of the Xbox division have stated in the past that the future of gaming is bright, and console wars should be abandoned, but this is unlikely. The impressive number of sold PS4 units is almost surely a thorn in Microsoft’s side, and the company has to have a plan which will give an edge to the Xbox Series X.

The cost of selling more units

It is unlikely that Microsoft will be willing to sell the Xbox Series X at $400 and accept a significant loss. However, if Sony does decide to ask for $450 or even $500 when the PS5 hits the market, it is likely that the price of the Xbox Series X will be at least matched it not lower. While this might still end up being a loss, it will attract more customers, and the company has enough money to waive the loss in the long run.

Only time will tell what will happen.

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