Snapchat Update Beta Comes With New Bug Fixes

Social media networks have continued to become more popular in recent years as the number of smartphone owners is expanding at a fast rate. A core reason for their popularity is the ability to stay in touch with other people in fun and interesting ways.

Snapchat is one of the hottest social media networks that are available right now, and the official Android app comes with a wealth of features that make a favorite for millions of people from all over the world.


Launch the app, and the camera will open in an instant. Tap to shoot a photo or record a video quickly and sent it to your loved ones in a few seconds. Customize images with the help of awesome lenses and filters,  place your 3D Bitmoji in a key position, or discover new Lenses and Filters every week. Need something more spectacular than what you can find? Create custom Lenses and Filters or try the ones made by the community!

A rich assortment of fun features

Stay in touch with friends and families with built-in chat features. Invite up to fifteen other people to fun video chats where you can use Lenses and Filters to add some spice to the discussion!

Chase the latest friends as you can follow friends, celebrities, and brands, learning more about the hottest updates before everyone else by viewing exclusive Stories. Find more about what happens across the world as you can watch breaking news, interesting shows, and community content. The app will also highlight specific content that could match your tastes.

Use the Snap Map to see where your friends are, and schedule meets in a seamless manner. Make your location visible or vanish from the grid by activating the Ghost Mode. Find unique Stories shared by users from other countries.

Download the Beta update to enjoy new bug fixes and improvements.

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