Snapchat: The New Beta Update adds Significant Improvements

Snapchat has been over the years another good way of bringing people together, as it’s on the market since nine years ago when it was launched for Android and iOS users. As the developers are presenting their app as ‘the fastest way to share a moment’, the statement is not far from the truth. Snapchat opens right to the phone’s camera, so the user can send a photo or video in seconds, and even customize them with filters, lenses, emojis, and so on.

But while some people believe that Snapchat cannot become more fun than it already is, the new update arrives to make them change their minds.

What the update brings new

Bug fixes, as well as new features are arriving for Snapchat along with the update. Your experience with the app will be better than ever.

But what are the overall features of Snapchat? The official presentation from the Play Store gets rid of all doubts, and we can mention some main aspects of the app:


  • Stay in touch with friends through Chat and with live messaging, or share your day using Group Stories.
  • You can get engaged in a video chat with a maximum of 16 people at once.
  • Express yourself even more by using Friendmojis. These are exclusive Bitmojis made just for you and someone you know.


  • You can follow other people and watch their Stories to see what they’re up to.
  • Keep updated using exclusive Stories from top publishers and content creators.
  • Watch important news, original Shows, and last but not least: community Stories.

You can already download the new update for Snapchat if you’re a beta user. All you have to do is keep your eyes on your phone as you leave it connected to a stable Wi-Fi network. A notification will announce you that you can download the update.

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