Session Update 1.4.6 Improves File Upload Stability

Messaging apps have become quite popular in recent years, but some of the most popular ones don’t tend to place a big focus on security. As the number of malicious entities who target messaging apps continues to grow, a safe alternative is needed.

Session is a new messaging app that relies on a global network of servers that are operated by users from across the world. Since there is no central server Session can’t access or sell your data. Private routing protocols will ensure that your conversations are fully protected.

High security

Other messaging apps require the need to use a phone number of an email address to create an account with Session there is no need to enter sensitive data as you can create a fresh ID easily. This means that no one can find your account even if they have access to your phone number or email address.

The use of a decentralized network system ensures that there will be no breaches and that the platform is stable at all times. Thanks to a  strict no metadata logging policy Session does not store messaging metadata or the contents of messages and information about who sends or receives them.

Fully safe

A built-in IP protection system will keep your IP address a secret so other users can track your device down. There is also the option to create and enjoy end-to-end encrypted chat groups with up to 10 users.

Being able to send attachments is an important feature, and with Session you can send voice messages, photos, and a variety of other files without the need to worry about safety as they are also fully encrypted. Tech-savvy users also have the option to inspect the code of the app, which is available for free on the official website.

The latest update, 1.4.6, improves overall stability during file uploads.

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