Select U.S. Youtube Premium Subscribers Will Receive a Free Nest Mini

YouTube has offered some freebies to some Premium-tier customers over the year, and a favorite promotion has returned, as select YouTube Premium users may be eligible to receive a free Nest Mini that can be redeemed via the Google Store.

The first signs of the promotions were spotted less than one day ago. Eligible users launched the YouTube app for Android or iOS on their devices, and a handy notification informed them that they could visit the Google Store to redeem their free nest device.

How to redeem your free Nest Mini

Tapping on the prompt will initiate the redeem process automatically. Alternatively, if you live in the U.S. and are a YouTube Premium subscriber, you can try your luck here, as there is a chance for your account to be eligible.

In both cases, you will be taken on a page where a promotional code is listed as well as a button that sends an email with all the relevant information to your account if you tap or click on it. The Google Store will be opened, and you will have the option to select the color of the device and add it to your cart. Google applies the voucher code automatically, so you don’t need to worry about that. Several delivery options are available.

Nest Mini is a great smart speaker

The Nest Mini is a great smart speaker, as it borrows many of the elements that made the Home Mini popular while also adding some much-needed improvements.

A major boon is the improved audio quality, a trait that will enhance your experience when you ask the device to play your favorite songs. An integrated wall mount will offer the option to place the speaker on a wall for convenience. However, as in the case of the Home Mini, there is no trace of built-battery, so you will have to keep it connected to a power outlet or use an external battery.

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