Scientists Raise The Alarm for Ancient Volcano from China that Could Cause a Natural Disaster

Whether we like it or not, it’s very difficult or even impossible to deal with nature’s wrath. We’ve all witnessed it somehow, and we could mention only what happened in 2020 – major bushfires in Australia, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic that keeps killing thousands of people every day, and God knows what could be next.

Scientists from the University of Science and Technology of China made the discovery of two magma chambers located deep below the surface. This obviously means that the ancient volcano called Weishan should reawaken soon after a slumber of 500,000 years.

The volcano is located in the Wudalianchi volcanic field

As for the Wudalianchi volcanic field, you can find it on the northeast side of China. The research team created a 3D map that showcases the structure beneath the volcanic field that is spreading across 193 square miles. Thus, two magma pockets were found. The scientists had also located a shallow magma chamber that’s positioned before and beneath the volcano. For the latest observations, the shallow chamber was found in the upper crust.

One of the official statements from the study says as following:

“Considering the significant melt fractions and active earthquakes and tremors occurring around magma reservoirs, the Weishan volcano is likely in an active stage with magma recharging.

Therefore, it needs more active monitoring for better forecasting of its potential future eruptions.”

But while some would be tempted to say that the Chinese people will have to deal with Hell of Earth, some scientists are still ready to be skeptical about the new study. Xu Jiandong is one of those scientists, and he may know what he’s talking about. He is also the director of the volcanic research division within the China Earthquake Administration in Beijing. He declared as following:

“If there really are huge magma chambers in the area, we should have detected some related seismic activities.”

Whether the Weishan volcano will reactivate itself or not, we should remember an old proverb saying that nature always gets even. We should learn to protect our environment more and stop harming it unnecessary.

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