Scientists Join Forces To Study Jupiter’s Atmosphere

The storms on Jupiter, the fifth planet from the Sun, are forty miles high and span over half the width of a continent. Regular winds are fast, and the equivalent of hurricanes on Earth and lightning is three times as strong as we are used to seeing on our home planet.

These storms last for hundreds of years, making Jupiter stay true to its name, which comes from the Roman god of thunder and skies, leader of the Roman pantheon of gods.

Despite having been studied for over 400 years, data about the agitated atmosphere of the biggest planet in our solar system is still hard to find, as per official reports.

Fortunately, the accumulated work of researchers, using combined data from he Gemini Observatory, the Juno spacecraft, and the Hubble Space Telescope, has provided the opportunity to probe Jupiter’s system of storms.

Impressive storms on Jupiter

That all, in the hope of finding the source of the outbursts of lightning and making a map of the cyclonic vortices. Perhaps, this will explain some of the mysteries which lie in Jupiter’s Great Red Spot.

This project is enabling scientists to investigate the weather on Jupiter and approximate the humidity found in the planet’s atmosphere, resulting in some certain information about the inner workings of Jupiter and other planets in our over four billion years old solar system.

NASA’s Hubble Space Telescope and the ground-based Gemini Observatory in Hawaii have teamed up with the Juno spacecraft to probe the mightiest storms in the solar system, taking place more than 500 million miles away on the giant planet Jupiter.

Researchers from the Gemini Observatory, found in Hawaii and the Hubble Space Telescope, belonging to NASA, have started a collaboration with the Juno spacecraft to find information about the strongest storms found in our solar system on the planet Jupiter, which is over 500 million miles away.

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