Scammers Market 128 USB Drive as 5G protection accessory

In wild web of the internet 5G conspiracies have continued to get traction as countless YouTube and blog posts argue that the emerging standard is dangerous for humans, citing sketchy studies at best and made-up research in most cases. While the WHO and most health authorities have stated that there are no health risks associated with the use of 5G many conspiracy theorists blame it for the emergence of

As in the case of all other conspiracy theories some people have found a novel way to profit from the rising fears by selling so-called shielding accessories that are supposed to keep people safe.

The power of buzzword

A UK-based company called BioShield Distribution has marked a new accessory that can keep its owners safe from 5G with the help of quantum holographic catalyzer technology that can combat and minimize the harmful effects of what is deemed to be imbalanced electric radiation.

According to the official website the product can generate a localized invisible shield that can cover a surface of 8 or 40 meters. It is also claimed that the device has been crafted by using several decades of extensive research in several countries, and it can protect an entire family home without problems.

Merely another scam

A team of researchers from a popular cyber security and penetration company decided to see what can be found inside the device and ordered a unit which was then dismantled. As expected, the device is in fact a scam since it does not include any form of shielding tech that could protect its users from the supposed harm.

After removing a component made out of crystal and a plastic case the team discovered that the device is in fact a 128 MB USB drive with a glowing LED that generates a bit of light when it is plugged into a USB port.

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