Samsung Is Working On A Budget-Friendly Foldable Smartphone

A lot of smartphone manufactuers have tried to market foldable devices as the next big trend. Despite the impressive looks and features sported by the new devices, most customers are kept at a distance by prohibitive costs.

There are lots of of factors that may justify the price tags, including years spent on research, the need to use custom parts, and the effort of creating components that can endure constant use for a long time. Samsung spent ten years before the Galaxy Fold hit the market, and it ran into unexpected issues after launch.

Expensive to make

According to some industry sources, the cost involved in the manufacturing of flexible devices is so high that Huawei lost almost $70 million after the development and release of the Mate X. However, the lessons learned during he more difficult stages allow companies to boost production while also reducing overall costs.

A source that has offered reliable information in the past has announced that Samsung is working on a device known as SM-F415. It is known that the device will sport a foldable screen, 64GB of 128GB, or built-in storage space, and it will be available in three different colors.

Cutting prices

The original Galaxy Fold hit the market with a $1,980 price tag that seems to have been a bit much even for dedicated Samsung fans. With the release of the Galaxy Flip Z, the price tag reached $1,380, which seems to be more reasonable, especially since the Motorola Razr is sold at a price of $1,499.

Called by some Galaxy Fold lite, it is argued that the more affordable device will be a toned-down variant of the Galaxy Z Fold 2, with Samsung planning to sell it for a price of $900. A lower price would lead to too many sacrifices, and no one wants to pay too much for a device with mid-range specs, even if it looks good.

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