Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Leak Hints To A 7.59-inch Inner Display At 120Hz

The foldable smartphone is said to arrive with lots of features, one of them includes a sleek display. The leaked details of Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 have been unveiled months before its launch event. Ross Young, an industry analyst, discussed recently some display specs that the foldable device might get. How different will the smartphone be? Also, what should we expect the most?

Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Promises Never-Seen Before Specs

Ross Young, the industry analyst who revealed essential details about the upcoming Samsung foldable device, claimed all it might turn out to be true. He posted a series of tweets that showcase the Galaxy Fold 2’s main features.

Young’s first Twitter post suggests that Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 might sport a 6.23-inch front display, with a 2267×819 pixel resolution and 60Hz refresh rate. Also, the smartphone might feature an LTPS for its backplane technology and some notches.

The second Twitter post claims the device might be introduced with a primary display of 7.59-inch, 2213×1689 pixel resolution, and a refresh rate of 120Hz. Also, Galaxy Fold 2 could arrive with a 372 DPI, and an LTPO backplane technology.

What Should We Expect?

As mentioned above, the details seem to describe one of the best foldable smartphones so far. We can expect a 60Hz external display, much roomier, and more significant than the first generation of foldable Samsung smartphones.

The primary display grows in size, too, while the outer screen’s display doubles its refresh rate up to 120Hz. Young unveils in a new tweet that the Galaxy Fold 2 might as well arrive with an accessory, the S-Pen.

Concept designer, Ben Geskin showcases, too, the next-gen of foldable smartphones, based on Young’s tweets. We can notice how different the device will be when it comes to its size. Note that there are no precise details about the Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 release date or features. The company decided to keep silent at the moment. Young stated that he might reveal the smartphone’s camera features, release date, and price next week.

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