Russian Researchers Developed the Concept of a Hybrid Thorium Reactor

A mixed team of Russian researchers has elaborated on the concept of a hybrid thorium reactor that could generate a significant amount of extra neutrons by keeping incredibly hot plasma in a magnetic trap.

Several advantages are present in comparison to modern reactors. Among them, we can count the generation of a moderate amount of power, a compact size, increased safety, and a minimal amount of radioactive waste.

During the initial stage, researchers created cold plasma with the help of plasma guns. The plasma is retained by using deuterium gas injections, and neutral beams with a charge of 100 KeV will impact the plasma, leading to the appearance of high-energy tritium and deuterium ions while also imposing an average temperature.

Russian Researchers Developed the Concept of a Hybrid Thorium Reactor

The deuterium and tritium ions will interact with each other, leading to the appearance of a helium nucleus, can release high-energy neutrons. These neutrons will travel without problems to the area where plasma is kept with the help of a magnetic field while carrying nuclear full. Nuclear fission will take place, and this process is the primary source of energy produced by the reactor.

A great boon stems from the fact that that a hybrid nuclear fission reactor can facilitate nuclear fission, which involves heavy nuclei while also allowing the synthesis of light ones at the same time. The quality requirement for plasma is even lower, and up to 95% of the fissile material can be thorium, which is more stable and safe to use than uranium.

It is worth pointing out that the hybrid reactor employs an exciting design. The core component is a blanket that generates energy and facilitates the distribution of fissile material. A second component provides neutrons which fall on the energy-generating blanked, leading to thermonuclear fusion reactions. Peers have appreciated the concept, and a paper was featured in several scientific articles.

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