Rules of Survival Update 1.367267.426687 Comes With Anniversary Event

The battle royale genre has been around for some time, but it remains popular among gamers, especially those who like to enjoy quick matches on their mobile devices. Rules of Survival was one of the first battle royale games for smartphones and offered a thrilling experience.

More than 280 million people enjoy Rules of Survival every month, and the game has a lot of excellent features that keep players hooked and willing to return. Will you dare to enter the arena and do whatever is necessary to become the last one standing?


In most cases, battle royale games limit the number of active players on a map to 100 or even less. This is not the case with Rules of Survival, which comes with a massive 8×8 kilometers map that will allow 300 hundred players to run wild and wage battle across a variety of terrains.

Grab your friends and race across the map as the cloud of poisonous gas comes closer, culling the weak and those who aren’t fast enough. Pay attention to your surrounding as enemies can come from everywhere, and some may even choose to hide in the cloud in an attempt to score a quick kill.

Lots of features

Master a massive arsenal that includes powerful firearms and lethal melee weapons that be employed to kill your enemies quickly. Hit them from a distance with a high-power sniper rifle or deal a fatal strike with a sword.

Enjoy a twist with the help of character skills, with each character having two abilities that can turn the tides of a match. Shoot down a car speeding towards you with the Comet Cannon summoned by Cometias, reduce their numbers with Sharpshoot and track down any survivors with Chimera.

Update 1.367267.426687 brings a new anniversary event, a fresh Ninjutsu Draw, and the ROS Journey. Download any APK files from a trusted source.

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