Resident Evil 3 Remake: Tips and Tricks to Survive Raccoon City

When playing Resident Evil 3 remake, you’ll see that there’s an army of zombies and bio-weapons threatening the life of Jill Valentine, who tries desperately to escape the apocalypse on the streets of Raccoon City. There is also a creature called Nemesis, that’s hunting her all the way. We are here to help you a bit in your adventure playing the game.

Safe codes

There are so many weapons around the city, which are bound to help you survive in the end, and there are also upgrades that will make them even more useful, especially if you can find and open the safes which are plated throughout the game.


In this game, you will have to hunt around in order to find a way to open all the locks out there. When you go to Raccoon City’s Downtown section, you will see a Lockpick, which will help you get many items.

Finding jewels to unlock the Kite Bros Monument

The jewels are essential since they give you a lot of resources.

There is one puzzle that can easily be mistaken with something else. The Kite Bros Railway Monument can be found right at the exit of the Subway, and you need to find three jewels around the Raccoon City Downtown. Keep in mind that there are only three jewels, but it can be pretty hard to track them down, especially if you don’t know where to look.


You will find gun upgrades throughout the journey. But there are some locations of the map that are more challenging to find. But they do make the difference in the game, especially when you’re dealing with a deadly bio-weapon.

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