Researchers Find Active Volcanoes On Venus

Venus features some hellish environmental conditions that have been observed in the past. The atmosphere of the planet is filled with toxic gases, and surface temperatures are high enough to melt lead. Even if water found its way to the planet in one way or another, it would boil almost instantly.

A team of researchers has made a major discovery in the form of several volcanoes that seem to be active. The volcanoes are also releasing brimstone into the atmosphere. Previous research identified volcanoes on the surface of the fiery planet, but it was impossible to say if they were dead, active, or dormant.

Shifting perspectives

The new study places Venus into a different light as it proves that the interior is still hard at work and able to provide magma to several active volcanoes. According to the researchers, 37 active volcanic structures are spread across the surface of the planet.

Planets that feature a hot interior tend to be superior candidates for life as the molten core is able to produce a magnetic field that can deflect the harmful cosmic rays which come from the sun and other objects that can be found in the galaxy.

Exploring the details

However, Venus is a part of a small number of active planets that aren’t able to generate an internal magnetic shield. This means that besides the already hostile environment, the planet is also bombarded freely by deadly space radiation.

The researchers employed advanced 3D models of the sub-surface of the planet to explore it from a different perspective, a strategy that offered the opportunity to track down potential hotspots more easily. It is thought that future missions to Venus could offer more information about the volcanic activity which takes place on the planet, even if most space programs are focused on Mars for now.

More data can be found in a study that was published in a scientific journal

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