Razer Cortex Games Update 5.4.1195 Brings Performance Improvements

Mobile gaming has expanded at an impressive pace in recent years as hardware improvements, and superior graphics have attracted a large number of new players who enjoy a portable gaming experience.

Graphics have become a major focus in recent years as many developers have started to work hard on impressive titles, with some of them being able to rival the quality which is encountered on PC gaming systems. In some cases you may want to focus all the resources of your device on playing a game, Razer Cortex Gamer can do that for you and so much more.

Earn points, redeem prizes

One of the best features of Razer Cortex Games is its fun reward system. Launch the app every day and play the recommended games on your device to earn a unique currency known as Razer Silver. You can also earn a limited amount by starting the app once per day. Gather Razer Silver and spend it to receive branded merchandise and excellent discounts.

The list of featured games is refreshed constantly to keep things interesting and offer the opportunity to enjoy an interesting variety of games from select Razer Partners.

Performance boosts

Razer Cortex Games features an advanced analyzer that can track your performance in compatible games and offer charts based on a weekly, monthly, or yearly level of activity. It can also detect the resources which are allocated for playing them and boost them by enabling game mode to enhance the experience.

It is easy to keep your menu screen and start and game seamlessly with the help of the dedicated library section, which houses your favorite games and will enable game mode automatically when you tap on a title, offering great convenience. Games can be added to a favorite section for faster access.

The 5.4.1195 update offers new ways to learn Razer Silver while also introducing performance improvements and bug fixes.

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