Raspberry Pi 400 Packs The Essential PC Experience In A Keyboard

In recent times many PC manufacturers have followed a bigger is better approach, offering desktops that take a large amount of space or are fitted with accessories event if they aren’t marketed for gamers, who enjoy the presence of RGB lights and glass panels.

Raspberry has decided to challenge the trend once again with the release of the Pi 400, a small-scale computer fitted within a keyboard. The setup is quite convenient since users don’t have to carry a keyboard or desktop separately, which makes it a solid choice for portability.

Easy on the budget

While ultrabooks might have become a lot thinner in recent years, most models can be quite expensive, even if a basic configuration is selected. And the closure of schools during the pandemic has boosted the sales of Chromebooks, which can be out of stock in many places.

The Pi 400 is an all-in-one implementation based on an improved Pi 4 that has been placed within the keyboard. Users can connect it to a compatible monitor and pick a mouse, and it is ready for use and quite capable in the case of most productivity tasks for office or school.

Two versions

Those who are already familiar with Pi computers can opt for a $70 version, but they will need to have cables and a power supply for the device, which is common if they already own a Pi.

Newcomers or people who don’t want to bother with the task of purchasing accessories can opt for a $100 bundle that includes a power supply, cables, a mouse that matches the design of the keyboard and a selection of pre-installed software on a microSD memory card, as well as a handy guide book.

With guaranteed support, until January 2026, the Pi 400 is a great investment for those who want a portable PC that can be carried easily.

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