Rainbow Six Siege Receives a Fresh Operator Duo

Rainbow Six Siege, one of Ubisoft’s first forays into the game-as-a-service model, continues to remain popular among players, despite the fact that it was released more than five years ago.

The title was developed as a part of the Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six franchise. Ubisoft decided to focus on multiplayer as a central part of the game after an in-development title known as t Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six: Patriots was canceled after running into several technological issues.

Ubisoft strived to keep the experience fresh, releasing regular content updates that are known under the name of operations, and the latest one doesn’t disappoint.

The Steel Wave which sunk the meta

Operation Steel Wave brought a selection of changes including the addition of two fresh operators which have managed to impress the player base, shaking an established but aging meta that had started to become stale

Ace is a formidable attacker who comes with a powerful gadget: the S.E.L.M.A. aqua breachers. This gadget is quite interesting, as it works as a combination of Hibana and Thermite’s skill. With the press of a button, Ace can throw the breach charge, which can also be attached to the wall. Once the initial explosion takes place, the device will roll down automatically and detonate two additional times if nobody intervenes to stop it, creating a giant hole. Ace has three charges on him and can turn the tides in many matches.

Sonic defenses

Melusi, the second Operator introduced by the patch, is also quite capable. Her signature gadget is the Banshee Sonic Defense System. The powerful drone can be placed on surfaces, and once an enemy is in range, it will generate a powerful noise.

Enemies have the option to destroy the device but it is bulletproof, which means that heavy ordnance is needed to finish the task.

Both operators are available in casual and competitive matches alike, and their weapons carry some hefty punches.

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