Quick Steps To Block Apps From Accessing Your Location on Android

In most cases, when you want to install an app, it will show a list of required permissions. Many people do not read the list and accept the permissions, allowing the app to collect valuable data related to their activity, contacts, and even location.

Privacy has become an important topic among many smartphone users as they wish to keep their data private for a variety of reasons. Read below to learn how to block apps from accessing your location across several Android versions.

How to Block Apps From Accessing Your Location on Android

Android 10

On Android 10, Location has received a dedicated category which can be found in the settings menu under the Privacy section. The location menu will allow seeing which apps want to access the location and to enable or disable the permission globally for all apps at once by flipping the Use location button. Users can also tap on the apps featured on a list in the same menu to customize the setting for each app.

Android 9 Pie

On Android Pie, you can the location settings are usually situated around or near the Privacy section. Location accuracy can be turned on or off with a single tap. The settings for specific apps can be modified by visiting the Settings menu and locating the section related to app permissions. Toggle the feature on and off according to your wishes.

Android 6 to 8

The Location setting should be visible in the Settings menu. Tap on it to activate or deactivate location access for all apps. Customize the setting for each app by going to Settings/Apps/Configure apps or App settings and selecting the App permissions option.

Android 4.3 to 5.1

Go to Settings/More Permission and tap on the on/off switch that can be found near Location. If you wish to make individual settings for each app, it is advised to use apps like GOTCHYA: Privacy Management, which makes the task considerably easier.

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