PUBG Mobile Tips and Tricks — How To Become A Pro Sniper

What do players look for in a game? Most of the time, players want to enjoy a challenging game, with all sorts of cool weapons, and for that, we have PUBG Mobile, which delivers the most intense free-to-play multiplayer action on mobile.

The wide range of weapons PUBG Mobile provides is a big plus to the game. Players have to form different strategies and battles by choosing the right gun, but the real deal stands in whether they have the skill or not. The team that survives the battle royale game wins the match.

The weapon with the most damage power

Of all the unique weapons PUBG Mobile provides the players with, Sniper rifles can have the most damaging results. Sniper rifles are a long-range type of military weaponry, and to say it in simpler words, it is best if you acquire one.

However, handling a Sniper rifle is not an easy peasy job, snipers invariably must employ skilled. Even though it is not a straightforward task to learn the the use of a sniper rifle, we are going to make things easier for you.

How to become a Pro Sniper in PUBG Mobile

Practice makes things perfect applies in this case too. Follow the tips below to master the Sniper Rifles in PUBG Mobile:

  • Training mode – It is called training mode for a reason, and you should use it to build up your skills. You can also choose any of the Sniper rifles and try them out. Training mode prepares you for the actual fight, so pick one of the Sniper Rifles and the suitable attachments. Next, practice shots on moving cardboards at different ranges and taking while moving themselves. This will help you with the actual fight and saves you from the shame of being a complete noob.
  • Make the game settings on own liking – Change the layout of in-game controls for your most suitable position. Having easy control over moving and aiming will make your life more comfortable in the game. By enabling the aim assist, you can adjust the the scope. You can also change the layout of the controls and customize them on your liking. By allowing quick scope, which will allow you to change scopes immediately and use release mode for sniper rifles instead of tap one.
  • Equipped the Sniper Rifles with attachments – The various attachments will aid the Sniper Rifles tactically. They are vital as they give your weapon stability as well as power in general. For example, with scopes lie 6X or 8X, you will be able to shot the enemy team from a longer distance. The flash hider and suppressor eliminate the muzzle flash, which will help you hide from the enemy as it will make it harder for your enemy to locate you. All this and with suppressor reducing the bullet sound is already a good start. By using Kar98K will reduce reload time to a considerable rate, and Cheek Pad come in your aid for controlling the vertical recoil.
  • Predicting the enemy’s movements – All players enjoy taking out the easy shots. You can do that by predicting your enemy’s movements. You might think it is silly, but without risk, there is no winning. Once you have located an enemy shoot for the head, it will deal the most damage.

The Bottom Line

Not every player is a skilled one for becoming a pro Sniper in PUBG Mobile. Still, everyone can practice being as close as possible. Snipe like a pro with a bit of practice, strategy to choose the suitable attachments, and make the most comfortable setting adjustments are essential for that. It might take time, but as long as you enjoy the game, you will definitely get there.

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