Porsche To Keep Android Auto and Apple CarPlay For Classic Cars

We all know that nowadays, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay don’t really seem like a big deal, but it’s innovative. It’s about car infotainment. Porsche plans to keep the apps for classic cars.

Before, car infotainment was about a decade outdated by the time it hit the factory, but now you can use a modern interface that is built into your phone, and not in your car. But older cars do not come with this technology. It’s quite easy to add it to the new vehicles, but it also has some downsides.

For example, the resale value often drops, and many of the head units seemed like they’ve been brought from an early 2000s sci-fi mess. These days, it is quite hard to find the correct head unit. It’s even a bigger problem if you have a classic car. When it comes to a classic car, the resale value and the period correctness are essential.

Porsche To Keep Android Auto and Apple CarPlay For Classic Cars

If you have a classic Porsche 911, for example, you don’t want a big screen on your dashboard. In order to help customers keeps a classic look, Porsche has come with an announcement. They will prepare two new head units.

The new head units are called Porsche Classic Communication Management (PCCM), and they come as an upgrade to an old model with navigation and Bluetooth. They will also feature CarPlay, an SD slot, USB. Both of the DIN units, one with a 3.5-inch display and one with its 7-inch display, will have retro styling, with buttons and knobs, and with the display that’s small enough to fit into the car.

The single DIN is made for 911s, while the double DIN is made for 911 996 models and the Boxster 998s. The bigger one has Android Auto, but you might not be that lucky with the small one.

The company did a great job in making the head units look absolutely amazing and period correct, and simply beautiful. But you will have to pay a lot for them. The single DIN model costs $1,563, while the double DIN costs $1,745. Accordingly, Porsche plans to keep Android Auto and Apple CarPlay on classic cars.

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