Polo Funding Reduces Financial Stress

Your financial problems may not always be due to an insufficient income. Sometimes, they may be due to your unwillingness to change your current financial situation. 

If, for instance, too much of your money goes to paying rent for your apartment, then you can either move to a less expensive apartment or work a second job. If you are unwilling to do either, then you will continue to stay stuck. 

Here are some reasons why you may have financial problems and what you must be willing to do to change your financial life

Manage Your High Credit Card Debt 

If your financial problem is that you have too much credit card debt, then one solution is to use a structured debt repayment plan to pay off all your debt.  

A proven way to systematically pay off all your debt is to get a consolidated loan from a lender like Polo Funding to roll all your various monthly credit card bills with different interest rates and amounts into a single monthly manageable payment.  A low-interest consolidated loan will help you reorganize the time and amount you need to clear all your debts. 

Track Where Your Money Goes Every Month

If your financial problem is that you have no idea where your money goes every month, then the solution is to learn how to create a budget so that you can track how much money you are earning and spending.    

Most people do not know where their money goes every month. They only have a general idea of their major expenses and how much money they need to set aside to pay them. They only have a vague idea of their spending habits.   

When you don’t know where your money is going, you can’t control it. Setting up a budget isn’t difficult. There are many ways of setting up a personal budget. 

Here are a few ways to create a budget: 

  • Try the traditional approach of using a pen and a notebook. 
  • Find a printable template on the Internet and fill it out. 
  • Buy a book with blank tables that you can fill out. 
  • Create your own spreadsheet.  
  • Customize a spreadsheet template. 
  • Download a mobile app. 
  • Sign up to a free money-tracking service like Mint.com or Everydollar.com. 

Things can get a little more challenging when it comes to following and updating your budget, but if you stay the course, you will get increasingly better at it.   

Invest to Grow Your Money

If your financial problem is that you have no idea how to grow your money, then the solution is to learn how to save and invest so that you can build your wealth  

Set aside a percentage of your earnings from every paycheck, squirreling it away in an interest-paying savings account. When you have enough money set aside, invest it.    

A few safe investments will grow your money at a faster rate than if you just left it in a savings account because banks only pay a low interest rate. Another thing to consider is that if you leave your money in a savings account it will depreciate in value, eroded by rising inflation. Conversely, if you invest, your money will not depreciate in value because your investment income will keep up with the rate of inflation.   

Cultivate a Prosperous Attitude 

If your financial problem is that you have a scarcity mindset, then this attitude can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. You’ll unconsciously say and do things that will inhibit you from proactively making and managing money. The solution to a scarcity mindset is to learn how to share some of your income with others less fortunate than you.  

If you would like to share some of your income to help others through charitable donations, but feel you don’t have enough to give, then talk to your friends about starting a giving circle. When everyone shares a small percentage of their income, the group can donate a larger sum.  

When you realize that you have enough to help others, your mindset shifts, moving from a scarcity mindset to one of abundance.

Change Your Money Story 

You can’t effectively change your money story unless you reflect on how you arrived at your current situation. If you skip, this step you might repeat the same mistakes.

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