Pokemon Go 0.187.2 Update Brings Reality Blending To More Devices

Smartphones offer access to a variety of tools and features that make life better, including the ability to exciting mobile games. With Pokemon Go, you can become a legendary Trainer and amass a vast collection of Pokemon as you travel in real-life areas.

Join millions of other Trainers in the global phenomenon that has been downloaded more than one billion times. Explore the world, catch new Pokemon, tackle exciting quests, and prove your skills in hardcore Raids and tense PvP battles that offer exciting rewards!

Explore the world

Bring the iconic Pokemon creatures into your neighborhood and explore your surrounding to catch new and interesting Pokemon, including many of the ones that have been featured in the popular anime series and the popular titles made for Nintendo consoles.

Keep a close eye on what happens around you as some Pokemon can prefer specific environments. It might be easier to find Grass-type Pokemon near a park or Water-type Pokemon around alike. The game will scan the environment looking for potential Pokemon, and you can find great specimens near Gyms and PokeStops as well.

Evolve and fight

Fill your Pokedex with interesting Pokemon and evolve them with the help of candy and dust to make them even more powerful. Use them to defend Gyms, which are being controlled by your Team, or challenge the current Gym owners to battle and beat them to become the Gym owner.

Battle with friends in PvP matches and climb to the top of the leaderboards in exciting battles where you will face other trainers. Choose the right Pokemon to gain an advantage against the types used by your rivals and use powerful skills to win the match!

The 0.187.2 update brings the Reality Blending feature to more devices, allowing Pokemon viewed through the AR mode to hide behind real-life objects. New Stickers are also available, and Mega Evolution are now available in-game.

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