PlayStation Plus Game Titles Leaked For May 2020

As April will end soon, a new list of PlayStation Plus game titles was leaked online. Last month, April’s free games were leaked by Sony accidentally, so it was clear what to expect. This time, however, it’s better to take this leak with a grain of salt.

Some game titles might change, or others could be added, as well. This time, a less reliable tipster releases next month’s leaked games. Some titles might seem too good to be true, so don’t get your hopes high.

PlayStation Plus Game Titles For May 2020

Usually, every month comprises two starkly different game titles. This month’s games, for example, were Dirt Rally 2.0 and Uncharted 4 – a racing game and an action-adventure one. A ResetEra user, Adookah, released the recent leak. The source remains unknown, as the user received an image with the possible game titles, from a friend.

In the picture, we can spot approximately the same details as Sony’s official image, and a Dying Light/Dark Souls Remastered game announcement. The logos, the font, and the rest of the details all look good.

There are, however, some details that seem a little bit off. The word “APRIL, for instance, in the second picture, could have some sort of layering style effect. In Sony’s image, such a thing doesn’t appear. The yellow D-Pad placed next to the words PlayStation Plus doesn’t seem to match in the two images, and we can see there’s no “.” between the two words.

As for the leaked PlayStation Plus game titles, it looks even less likely. Sony has been consistently giving away one PS4 exclusive and one, non-exclusive, monthly. Neither of the teased games is a PS4 exclusive or developed by a Sony-affiliated studio. Dark Souls and Dying Light are very similar (maybe too similar), so seeing them next month is likely to happen. However, if one of the game titles is going to be added, there’s good news, because both games are fantastic.

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