PlayStation 5 News — Game Devs More Inclined To Develop Titles For Sony’s Next-Gen Console

It may seem like a rumor, but the data is coming from a report from the Game Developer Conference from this year. What is happening now is not new. Every time a new console will launch, a moment of pondering and thinking will came. The developers will have to choose again this year between the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X. While these two giants are fighting to dominate the marketing from A to Z, Nintendo is doing its own thing.

The battle between PlayStation and Xbox continues

The question is how many video games we will see on each console, and which developer will choose to work with what console company — the data collected through a report from the Game Developer Conference about this issue has impressive results.

The results are showing that more developers are inclined to work with PlayStation 5 then with Xbox Series X. The little survey had around 4.000 responses, and as a percentage, PlayStation 5 has 11%, and 9% comes to Xbox Series X.

At the same time, we don’t know if the announcement or the Xbox Series X will affect in a way or another the numbers. The survey happened way before the name appeared officially.

Game devs prefer PlayStation 5 over Xbox Series X

Besides this, the survey contained another question for the developers. They were asked about the platform they will use for the next projects. The things are dangerous as we see the percentages because PlayStation 5 is having 23%, while Xbox Series X has 17%.

Unfortunately for the Xbox console, the results are not that happy. More than one developer from five is choosing the console, while the PlayStation 5 has more than one developer from five choosing them.

Finally, these data will change during the time, of course, but at this moment, it seems that many developers target PlayStation 5. Both consoles will launch somewhere in 2020, near the Holidays.

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