Phoenix Browser Update Launched With Optimizations And Improvements

The wonderful world of the internet is worth exploring, as pretty much everything nowadays is ran by computers. But the first tool you need for navigating the web is a powerful browser. Although Google Chrome holds the title of the most popular browser, the world certainly doesn’t end with it. Phoenix Browser is a great alternative.

As the Phoenix Browser is available mainly for smartphones, it’s now at its update. The browser was impressive enough, but now the developers are making it even better.

What’s new in Phoenix Browser update

  • Files have gotten upgraded, as they received a new and improved file cleaner and recent documents for easy access.
  • Optimized experience and UI for the notification bar.
  • Previously accessed webpages can be restored if you exit them unexpectedly.
  • Added useful tools for files, like unzip files, phone ringtones, phone wallpaper, and more.
  • Possibility of setting a reminder to restore web pages that cannot be accessed while offline.

About Phoenix Browser

If you’re still not convinced that the Phoenix Browser is worth giving a try, maybe the description from the Play Store will convince you: “Phoenix Browser is the best free web browser for Android devices with quick Video Downloading, WhatsApp Status Saver plugin, Incognito Browsing, and Data Saving. With the help of its video detect function, Phoenix Browser makes various online videos downloadable. But it is amazingly of ONLY 7MB!”

The app is also capable of Incognito Browsing for those who want their identity to remain unknown while they’re navigating online. The Ad Block features comes to lend a hand for those who hate ads and pop-ups (pretty much anybody?).

There’s also a powerful built-in file manager capable of managing your videos, documents, and even clean junk files from your phone. The Phoenix Browser is an excellent tool for navigating the web, and it’s available for both mobile devices and PCs.

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