PES 2020 Euro 2020: Release Date and Upcoming Features

Even though the Tournament was recently postponed in light of the recent events, PES 2020 Euro 2020 DLC is expected to be available to the large public in a short time. This comes as good news, especially considering the fact that Euro 2020 is no longer happening. Therefore, PES 2020 has managed to bring the Tournament into the game, and here is everything you can find about the Euro 2020 fever.

Release Date

The content will be ready to be accessed on the 4th of June, next Thursday. Previously, it has been mentioned that the content will be available in a Data Pack. Bearing this in mind, it is highly probable that PES 2020 will be a Data Pack 7.0. in addition to this, adding the UEFA Euro 2020 tournament will most likely work as scheduled. During the launch, the company plans on releasing the official group stage match ball, as well as the trophy.

Who will be able to access the event, and which are the improvements added?

All of the 55 European national sides will benefit from this upgrade. Moreover, squad rosters and the already existing kits will also be featured in this update. Furthermore, the game brings two completely new stadiums for the fans to enjoy. One of them is the Wembley Stadium, which will be the location of the final match of Euro 2020. The second Stadium is Krestovsky, which is viewed as a home for PES 2020.

The already existing stadiums include Allianz Arena in Munich, as well as Stadio Olimpico in Rome and Johan Cruyff Arena in Amsterdam.

Will the official events still take place?

As far as the official events are concerned, the Team of the Tournament has already been canceled. Apart from this event, all of the others are expected to happen but are subject to change. Any modification will be shared throughout the game.

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