Parents Are Less Eco-Friendly, New Research Revealed

New research has demonstrated that becoming parents will influence the way you behave in the society, making you less environmentally friendly than usual, contrary to what was commonly believed.

The study was conducted by a team of Swedish researchers who claim that even those that were highly concerned about their impact on the ecosystem before becoming a parent are now forced to reorganize their priorities and end up living the environmental issues on the last position.

The team of researchers has analyzed the emissions of carbon dioxide in two types of homes. One of them is represented by a household with non-parent adults, and the other one includes one or more kids. The results showed that the latter category contributed more to the pollution of the environment because of their daily actions such as heating, cooking, or the usage of electricity.

Parents are less eco-friendly people

The conclusions of the study are stating that children are responsible for an increase of 25% carbon emissions in any household. Having children nowadays will undoubtedly contribute to increasing the CO2 emissions in this day and age.

However, only a small percentage of people are choosing not to have kids because of environmental concerns, especially when it comes to adults living in wealthier nations. For example, when going to buy groceries, it is always simpler to use a personal car than public transportation because it saves parents more time.

As far as the leisure time is concerned, the Swedish parents having smaller children are reported to have the less time for themselves. Therefore, an impressive number of parents are considering themselves as having an eco-friendly behavior, even though their actions are not displaying the same expected outcome.

However, the leading researcher has declared that, even though this study is the first to analyze parents’ behavior towards the environment, it still needs to be composed of a more significant number of participants from other nations as well.

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