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India Covid-19

India Now The Epicenter of the Pandemic, Records Highest Number of Daily Infections in the World

As the supply of vaccines and antiviral drugs is speeding up across the world, India is quickly descending into the epicenter of the Covid pandemic. Recently, it reported the highest-ever…

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Protoplanetary Disk Captured On Image By Astronomers

Using infrared interferometry and some additional mathematical reconstruction technique, astronomer Jacques Kluska, from KU Leuven in Belgium, led an international team to obtain 15 amazing pictures of a presumably planetary…

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A Newfound Giant Siphonophore is Blowing Scientists’ Minds – Watch Video

While most of the world is staying at home because of the new coronavirus outbreak, other people have to take the risk and explore the world. However, science deserves many…

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Chrome Users Will Enjoy New Features Soon

Chrome has grown at an accelerated pace since it was released, and with 2 billion users across the world, it remains the most popular internet browser in the world. The…

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Greenland Ice Sheet Passes Point of No Return

The effects of climate change have become more visible in recent years. According to a team of researchers, Greenland’s ice sheet, which has been affected by severe melting, has passed…

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