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Greenland Ice Sheet Passes Point of No Return

The effects of climate change have become more visible in recent years. According to a team of researchers, Greenland’s ice sheet, which has been affected by severe melting, has passed…

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Sources Clash Over The Port Used by iPhone 12

Apple’s next range of iPhone devices is anticipaited by millions of people from all over the world, with both fans and prospective customers looking forward to seeing the latest changes….

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Amazon Announces A Cloud Video Games Streaming Service And Several New Products

Years ago, cloud video games streaming services seemed like a distant dream due to a slow internet connection and expensive price tags. In the modern-day, they allow millions of people…

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How To Turn On The WhatsApp Dark Mode

One of the most used socializing platforms these days, and not only, is WhatsApp. Recently, more and more platforms are upgrading their apps and facilitate the use of dark mode…

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OnePlus Teases The Launch of OnePlus Z

The internet is always hard at work on the task of learning more details about projects and products that are being developed by a company. Earlier in June, several sources…

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