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Pokemon Go

How to Get Rufflet in Pokemon Go During the Battle League Event

The latest game launched by Pokemon franchise is Pokemon Go, continuing surprising the fans. The first was introduced for the sizeable public back in 2016 when it was highly appreciated…

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Stress and Pain Are Responsible for White Hair

Losing hair color is perceived as a sign of getting old. But it is known that emotional shocks can cause partial and even total change of hair color, even in…

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Researchers Find Active Volcanoes On Venus

Venus features some hellish environmental conditions that have been observed in the past. The atmosphere of the planet is filled with toxic gases, and surface temperatures are high enough to…

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The PS5 Comes With A Major Lifespan Caveat

The PS5 is one of the most anticipated video games consoles of all times and a worthy challenger to Microsoft’s Xbox Series X. While the latter may have a superior…

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The Steps Needed to Make the PS5 a Hit

With more than one hundred million units sold since release, the PS4 won the 8th generation battle by an impressive margin as Sony left Microsft and Nintendo in the dust….

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