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Automobile accident about to happen

What you Should Know About Car Accident Responsibility

You probably know your coverage if you crash your car, whether it’s your fault or not, but what if you loan your car to friends or family members? Before you…

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A closeup of American money

Georgetown Funding Offers Practical Tips to Cut Nationwide Impulse Spending

Do you tell other people you’re hopeless with money? You’ve come to this conclusion because you’re always broke and worry every time you swipe your credit card at a cash…

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New Year's Eve

Using Georgetown Funding to Get You Through the New Year

The American people have had no choice but to financially hang on through nearly the entirety of 2020 with little help from the federal government. Since many people are struggling…

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Key Features of DJI Mini 2

Drones have become one of the most popular gadgets in recent years, as many models offer the ability to record breathtaking photos and videos from heights and positions that cannot…

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The Burial Site For An Ancient Female Hunter Was Found In Peru

A team of archeologists has uncovered the burial site of a female hunter, which can be traed back to 9,000 years ago. The discovery is quite significant as it infers…

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