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anxious children

Anxious Children’s Brain Are Unusually Wired, A New Study Concluded

A recent study from Stanford University conducted on anxious children and their response to stress concluded that it is the brains that are wired differently that make the kids anxious….

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New Study Explores the Resistance of Microorganisms to Harsh Environments

The Atacama Desert, which can be found in Chile, is well-known as one of the driest places on Earth. However, there are certain microorganisms that can survive by extracting water…

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bael fruit

Bael Fruit Might Help You Control Diabetes Or Treat Ulcers

Bael has two meanings. It is either a demon or a close-to-panacea fruit. The demon is a king with the power to make men invisible. The fruit is called Aegle…

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Diet Trends that Have No Scientific Background

Every time that you see an advertisement promoting a miracle diet that would help you lose all the unnecessary kilograms in a short time, you should take all the details…

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NASA’s Artemis Program Lost The Support From Boeing

NASA has recently selected three aerospace firms to form the United States of America that will help in designing the future human landing systems. The agency is planning on sending…

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