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MIT Is Working On A Device That Reads Dreams

Researchers from the MIT Dream Lab are working on an open-source device that could be used to monitor and influence dreams in several ways. It is theorized that it could…

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The Perseverance Rover Marks A New Age For Mars Exploration

The Perseverance Rover will leave Cape Canaveral soon, marking the real start of a $2.7 billion mission, which also involves the first interplanetary aircraft, an array of advanced research instruments,…

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Corruption Uncovered by the National Institutes of Health

54 researchers have either been fired or have resigned because of an ongoing investigation made by the National Institutes of Health into the failure of NIH guarantees to make financial…

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anxious children

Anxious Children’s Brain Are Unusually Wired, A New Study Concluded

A recent study from Stanford University conducted on anxious children and their response to stress concluded that it is the brains that are wired differently that make the kids anxious….

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