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NASA Insturment Captures Sun’s Threads Of Glowing Plasma

A new series of images was captured with the help of NASA’s High-Resolution Coronal Imager and is showing obscure facts about the Sun. The scientists are amazed by the processes…

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A Renowned Analysts Anticipates Some of The Announcements That Will be Made at WWDC

Apple’s WWDC is just around the corner, with fans from all over the world looking forward to the announcements that will be made at the event. As always, the internet…

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Researchers That Time Travel Could Be Possible Without Paradoxes

Time travel has been featured in many works of fiction, and a key theme is a paradox, or what would happen if an alteration took place in the past, leading…

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Black Widow

Marvel’s Black Widow Tops Box Office with $80M U.S. Opening

Marvel’s latest superhero movie “Black Widow” has made over $80 million at the domestic box office during its debut, the highest for any film released during the pandemic. The film…

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Access Grocery Shopping List directly on your smartphone

Grocery shopping list apps are a new help when it comes to this mundane task that we cannot avoid. Even when it comes to food, we still need to strike…

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