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The Hubble Telescope Detected the Origin of Two Brilliant Supernovae

A barred galaxy with two arms that twist in the Universe is known for its intriguing features. The galaxy, dubbed NGC 3583, is located 98 million light-years away from the…

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eta aquarids

Eta Aquarids Meteor Shower – How To Watch It

Is the time of the year when Eta Aquarids is giving us the annual meteor shower. It started on April 18, and it will last until May 29, but the…

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Eyes Can Clean Themselves in Mice, and the Same Might Apply for Humans

Researchers have found out something interesting: eyes and brains in rodents have a similar drainage system used for self-cleaning, which means that our eyes might have that, too. This process…

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Play Steam Games Offline – How To Pull That Off

Even though the Steam gaming platform was initially implemented in order to help users update their games to the latest versions, it seems that the cloud-based system is bringing a…

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google play store

Google Play Store 19.9.21 Update Rolled Out With Fixes And Improvements

Many Android users are familiar with the Google Play Store, which serves as the build-in storefront app for the Android OS. The app offers access to a rich selection of…

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