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swan comet

The SWAN Comet Is Now Visible With The Naked Eye

The SWAN comet was discovered on April 11. As the defunct ATLAS comet, SWAN is heading towards Mercury but will pass at a close distance from Earth, and it is…

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New Study Could Improve The Use Of Microwaves

Since they were introduced on the market, microwave ovens have been a popular product as they offer the option to heat food or liquids in a fast and convenient manner,…

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Amazon Luna Is Flawed From The Start

The announcement of Amazon Luna might have been unexpected at first, but cloud gaming has become quite popular in recent years and investing in the segment while it is still…

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Reptiles With Extensive Necks Used To Live In The Ocean

In 1852 researchers ran into a remarkable fossil, which has been a source of interest for decades. At one point, some paleontologists thought that it might have been a sort…

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A Volcanic Eruption Could Take Place In Iceland

Experts are worried as Grímsvötn, the largest volcano in Iceland could erupt in the near future. The last eruption took place nearly a decade ago, forcing the Keflavik Airport to…

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