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Candy Crush Saga Update Brings New Levels and Bug Fixes

Mobile gaming has become quite popular in recent years as more smartphone users want to entertain themselves during a commute, while on a break, or when they relax after a…

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COVID-19 Is Apparently More Infectious in Wastewater than We Believed

COVID-19, which has already infected over 3.9 million individuals all over the globe, has been found to exist in wastewater, but scientists are not sure how high the risks of…

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Researchers That Time Travel Could Be Possible Without Paradoxes

Time travel has been featured in many works of fiction, and a key theme is a paradox, or what would happen if an alteration took place in the past, leading…

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Coronavirus And Children: Kids Are Less Affected By COVID-19, But They’re Not Totally Safe

The United States is one of the most affected countries by the new coronavirus, with over 368,000 confirmed cases as of Tuesday, the 7th of April. The number of cases…

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A Promising State Of Matter Could Power Quantum Computers

A team of researchers has employed a new technique to gather new information about quantum technologies and made an interesting discovery in the form of a promising state of matter…

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