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mood disorders

Mood Disorders During The COVID-19 Lockdown – How To Cope

The COVID-19 lockdown has changed, corrupted, or even stopped every habit we had. Adaptation is the key to our mental health survival. But not all of us as equally equipped…

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Coronavirus Evolutionary Path – The New Virus Has Its Strategy

We know a lot. We’ve got so far as to imagine the Big Bang. But we still don’t know what happened before it. We understand how life evolved, but we…

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facebook messenger

Facebook Messenger for Android Launched With Bug Fixes

Social media networks have benefited as smartphones became more popular, with Facebook being the undisputed ruler of the market. There are more than two billion accounts and hundreds of millions…

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google play store

Google Play Store 19.9.21 Update Rolled Out With Fixes And Improvements

Many Android users are familiar with the Google Play Store, which serves as the build-in storefront app for the Android OS. The app offers access to a rich selection of…

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Opera 58.0.2869.53001 Beta Update Rolled Out on Android with Performance Improvements

One of the best features of modern smartphones is represented by the ability to access the internet from the palm of your hand. Many users tend to prefer the default…

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