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A Massive Crocodile Ate Dinosaurs In The Past

A team of researchers has uncovered new information about Deinosuchus, also known as the terror crocodile. The massive creatures were quite impressive, as it could be as long as a…

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The iPhone 13 Could Bring Back A Beloved Feature

It’s been less than a week since the iPhone 12 range was showcased by Apple, sparking the interest of millions of fans from all over the world, as many rushed…

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ios text bug

New iOS Text Bug Causes iPhone And iPad Models To Freeze, Again

A recently discovered iOS text bug is causing iPhone and iPad devices to freeze. The crash is determined by a series of mislead processes from the Sindhi language, which interfere…

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Instagram Beta Update Brings New Fixes To The App

We live at the height of the digital era as millions of people access and enjoy streaming services and social media platforms each day. One of the most popular social…

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Dark Matter Could Be The Cause of a Galactic Enigma

Any substance which interacts mostly via gravity with visible matter can be called dark matter. New research now says that it could be that the dark matter is responsible for…

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