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Coronavirus Outbreak in the US: Rich Americans Hide In Doomsday Bunkers in New Zealand

The COVID-19 outbreak has hit the United States of America at an unprecedented degree. The lenient measures taken by President Donald Trump against the spreading of the virus have caused…

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asteroid or2

Asteroid OR2 Looks Like Wearing A Face Mask In Recently Released Images

Recently an odd-shaped asteroid was spotted by the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico. The space object, dubbed 1998 OR2, appears to ‘wear a face mask.’ The picture of the ‘masked’…

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mars mission

Chinese Mars Mission Got Its Official Name — Tianwen-1

The modern space race between the US, Russia, and China is a never-ending story. Every time one of them does something, the other two must come up with something that…

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cold plasma

Cold Plasma Device Can Kill Germs In Seconds, And It’s Portable

Researchers have recently announced the discovery of a cold plasma jet wand that would be a trustful resource when it comes to killing germs. The device functions through an ion-emitting…

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ios text bug

New iOS Text Bug Causes iPhone And iPad Models To Freeze, Again

A recently discovered iOS text bug is causing iPhone and iPad devices to freeze. The crash is determined by a series of mislead processes from the Sindhi language, which interfere…

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