Opera 58.0.2869.53001 Beta Update Rolled Out on Android with Performance Improvements

One of the best features of modern smartphones is represented by the ability to access the internet from the palm of your hand. Many users tend to prefer the default browser that is preloaded on their devices, but some search for better alternatives and several can be found on the Play Store. Opera is one of the most popular browsers among Android users as it packs a selection of handy features while also consuming a limited amount of resources. This is a great boon, especially for those who have a budget device.

The company has been hard at work on a new version of this browser, which seeks to offer a fresh experience for users and access to many useful functions that may improve the quality of life. By downloading this version of the browser, users will gain first-hand access to experimental features that may or may not make the jump to the final version.

Opera 58.0.2869.53001 Beta Update Launched For Android With Improvements

Users will also have the chance to visit the official Opera forums and interact with the developers. The feedback is collected and analyzed by the team. Have an idea for a feature that could make the experience better for everyone? Feel free to visit the forum and present it in a post. If it becomes popular enough, it could be elected by the team and included in one of the future updates.

Everyone can download and enjoy the features which are included in the beta builds. However, it is important to keep in mind the fact that the beta version of the app serves as a sandbox that allows developers to try interesting ideas and concepts without compromising the stability of the regular version.

This means that some bugs could be encountered, and it is not advised to use it as a daily driver for your browsing needs. The latest update, Opera 58.0.2869.53001 Beta, comes with new performance improvements.

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