OnePlus Z Might Launch This Summer

OnePlus seems to have another device in store for us, or at least that’s what some reports claim. The upcoming smartphone could be a budget-friendly rival to the iPhone SE 2020. Recent leaks indicate we’ll get to witness a new device, dubbed OnePlus Z, somewhere in June or July. OnePlus’s upcoming plans might open the summer with a fresh handset series and a lot of new features.

OnePlus Z is Getting Ready for a Summer Release

Before the OnePlus 8 lineup was launched, there were reports of a low-budget smartphone, called the OnePlus 8 Lite. But that device was never released, and now some sources claim that it was renamed and set for a summer release. OnePlus Z could be the device that never made it to the market, the newest OnePlus installment.

OnePlus Z is speculated to sport older parts such as a flat display and last year’s OnePlus camera module, with a MediaTek Dimensity 1000 chipset. After all, such features should now surprise us if the device is going to be released as a budget-friendly smartphone. Depending on how fashionable that small chip is, OnePlus Z could be the best alternative to mid-range and low-cost variants from Google or Apple.

More About OnePlus Z

If the processor turns out to be slow, the iPhone SE 2020 will most likely win. OnePlus is a Chinese smartphone brand based in Shenzhen, Guangdong. The company officially became active in 2018, in up to 34 countries and regions globally. It started as a low-cost smartphone manufacturer that provided high-end specs.

Still, its newest smartphones have a price tag of over $1,000 in Canada. The most recent devices released are the OnePlus 8 series on April 21 April 2020. A low-cost version could be vital to rounding out OnePlus’ portfolio mainly since users can’t support the price of the smartphone from a Canadian carrier. We look forward to the OnePlus Z smartphone.

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