OnePlus 8T – Going Back To Flat?

Some phone makers see curved screens as a touch of luxury and premium design quality reserved for top-tier flagships.

Flagship smartphones have barely visible bezels, and decreasing the size of those edges is one of the solutions to push them out of sight.

When OnePlus decided to equip both the OnePlus 8 Pro and OnePlus 8 with curved displays, it was apparent that the company is finally firing out on all cylinders.

Unfortunately, that might have been just a one-time choice, though, as the latest firmware teardown suggests otherwise.

The most recent OxygenOS 11 Beta was released with some somewhat questionable changes for OnePlus users and fans, particularly to how the UI goes.

There are some more exciting details hidden inside, thankfully.

The Discovery

The Oxygen Updater Blog found an image asset in the Settings app for an OnePlus smartphone that was never presented before, with a flat-screen and a small punch-hole cutout camera in a corner.

That can’t be the OnePlus 7T because it had a flat-screen but a waterdrop notch.

Also, the OnePlus 8 had a curved screen, so it’s not that, either.

The OnePlus Nord’s flat-screen has a twin punch-hole, so unless the image is just a random, generic placeholder graphic, it might be the first picture of an OnePlus 8T.

Analysis of the Camera app shows another detail that was never seen before on an OnePlus smartphone – 8K recording.

That might be on par with the rumors that the OnePlus 8T would feature a 64MP camera.

Apart from that, little is known about the upcoming OnePlus devices, but it’s easy to approximate the company’s direction.

The traditional Fall launch for a T series device is coming close, and the 8T and 8T Pro will be the latest addition to the company’s portfolio for this half of the year.

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