NordVPN Update 4.12.5 Brings Faster Connection Speeds

In recent years there have been several high-profile scandals that have involved major and minor companies that have collected data from users and sold it to the higher bidders. This act resulted in unwanted spam and other problems.

Many users have started to pay more attention to their online privacy, and the first step in the right direction is the use of a great VPN service. NordVPN is an acclaimed VPN service that has been around for several years, and the mobile app has been designed from the ground up with the security of your device in mind.

Superior security

Many entities are interested in what sites and apps are being used on your mobile device, as the data can be used to deliver target advertising. With NordVPN active, all of your data will be anonymized, and nobody will be able to see what you are doing on your device.

NordVPN has been reviewed by some of the strictest security auditors in the world. They praised its performance and the committed no-log policy that ensures that nobody can track your activity, event the service itself.

Filled with features

By using bleeding-edge data transfer and encryption protocols, NordVPN ensures that you can access websites and apps securely without the need to worry about slow connections. The built-in CyberSec feature will scan sites in advance and block malicious content before malware is injected into your device.

You can browse the internet as much as you want as there is no data limit. There are more than 5500 servers spread across the world, and the app can identify the ones which work best with your Wi-Fi or mobile data connection. Want even more security? Activate a Double VPN connection for maximum privacy.

The highlight of the 4.12.5 update is the new NordLynx protocol that brings impressive connection speeds at the same security standard. As always, download APK updates from a reliable source


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